New customers are costly, your organization must

Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than those still focused on product. If you want to grow your business, you have to know what customers want, what they care about, and how they want to work with you. They’re complex, savvy, and demanding. But with our expertise spanning five distinct customer perspectives, you’ll be able to move more and more of them into repeat purchasers, devoted patrons, and raving fans.

We make you successful by adapting field-proven strategies to your unique situation. Then we help you implement the changes and measure results.

Customer Experience 1
Intelligence & Analytics 2
User Experience Design 3
Market Strategy 4
Financial Modeling 5

Customers gravitate to businesses that treat them like humans.

Between the recession years of 2007 and 2012, companies with good customer experience scores outperformed the S&P 500 by 28.5 percentage points. But customer experience is more than a friendly “hello.” Every touch point has to guide people through a seamless, natural interaction to purchase, support, and beyond.

Think Tank Partners helps you enhance your customers’ interactions based on proven, data-driven strategies. We develop tactical plans that move you step-by-step toward the kind of company people clamor to buy from.

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Data only helps you make better decisions if you can understand what it’s telling you.

We are well into the information age, but most companies still haven’t figured out how to make data work for them. 70% have sub-optimal or no ability to integrate customer data between online and offline sources; 80% don’t apply customer value scores; and 74% can’t recognize customers in real time. Without analytics to highlight the best avenues for growth, numbers don’t help much.

Think Tank Partners pulls the key business intelligence out of your data with our proprietary performance solutions tool. Based on the results, we develop personalization and segmentation strategies for your customer base, no matter how complex. This intelligence informs your entire customer-centric approach.

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Make buying from you the easiest part of their day.

Have you ever given up on a purchase because the buying process was too long or confusing? Good user experience design ensures that customers can easily find information, make a purchase, use your product, and ask for help without once pounding the table in frustration.

As human factors experts, Think Tank Partners will assess the usability of every touch point and help you redesign them so consumers effortlessly get what they want and stay engaged with you.

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Your market includes skeptics, fans, and in-between; tell each one what they want to hear.

Some customers are deeply involved with your company. Some are just testing the waters. If you can see how much value each segment drives to your business, you can prioritize high-value clients while moving mid and low-value “testers” into deeper engagement.

Think Tank Partners analyzes your customer-base and uncovers the unique needs of each segment. Then, we create an actionable plan based on past successful projects for aligning market strategies with each customer group.

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This isn’t about looking pretty. It’s about real growth.

Companies are moving to a customer-centric model because it grows revenue. So for every initiative you undertake, you need a way to measure its impact on your business. Many companies forget this crucial step in planning their projects.

Think Tank Partners identifies the key performance indicators that you’ll track as well as secondary financial factors related to program success. We create detailed, interactive models customized for you to run real-time scenarios and evaluate the impact of different initiatives. You’ll know quickly where to focus resources for the best return.

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