How a leading consumer electronics company redefined service processes to reduce costs by 11%

Project Emphasis:  Customer Experience / Intelligence & Analytics / User Interface Design 

Operating Expenses
Mis-handled Interactions
Concierge level customers

“My primary responsibility is to ensure our customer’s success when they have an issue.  That was often easier said than done due to the legacy solutions we had in place.  With Think Tank Partners’ help we were able to improve the customer experience while saving money and refining our customer data models.”

T.B. – Director,  Customer Advocacy

The Customer

As a market leader in the consumer electronics industry, our customer has a long history of providing innovative products that consumers can’t live without. Year-over-year, our customer continues to top the leader board in sales with hundreds of thousands of devices sold annually. This customer’s success can be largely attributed to their ability to understand how consumers connect and develop products that meet those needs.

The Challenge

Sales and service efforts were often challenged by the inherent complexities of the customer’s organization.  With so many products and services available customers often felt overwhelmed by the jargon and subtleties that were build into the customer experience. Most of the complexities were due to early designs that focused internally on the company’s needs rather than focused on the customer’s understanding of their business.  Consumers grew to reject automated attempts for service – even for a portion of the intake process.  This led to drastic increases in contact to support agents – representing a significant increase to operating costs.

As a leader in their market, this customer knew the importance of providing a world-class experience – after all their success was largely attributed to developing products that enhanced their customer’s lives.  They also understood the business reality of increased costs.

The Solution

Executives were highly motivated to resolve the challenges their service environment presented to consumers.  Think Tank Partners met with the team of executives that had ownership of the overall customer experience to establish a service vision for their area of responsibility.  We started with a thorough analysis of the service channel.  We evaluated numerous interaction points to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations to align the service channel with the corporate vision.  

Next, we examined how users connected with the company to identify options to better serve customers, while simultaneously reducing the burden of lengthy intake processes for the service and support customers. Portions of the user interface and associated business rules were re-designed to promote easy access with minimal input from the consumer.

Finally, we developed a set of consumer profiling criteria that guided our action plan; enabling us to deliver highly personalized and proactive customer interactions.  The information collected during these interactions continues to enhance the consumer profile and refine the customer experience. 

The Results

Success was defined by our ability to develop an actionable strategy that eliminated intrusive processes, streamlined the customer interaction and identified key customer groups. Performance across all metrics was favorable and included: 

11% reduction in operating expenses. Support agents were able to service callers an average of 135 seconds faster due to enhancements.

16% reduction in the number of mishandled customer interactions.  The intelligence built into the system removed an average 4 tasks during the intake process.

14% increase in concierge level customers.  This high value group represented a significant portion of recurring revenue for the organization.


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